Top Seven Bitcoin Desktop Wallet to Consider

Bitcoin wallets are essential for the safe-keeping of your Bitcoin, right? That’s why you must put in a lot of effort when selecting the right wallet. This article explores the top seven Bitcoin desktop wallet to consider this year.

However, if you are new to cryptocurrency trading, you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. Let’s start with a quick introduction, shall we?

What are Bitcoin wallets?

Bitcoin Wallets store your private keys. Consequently, you risk losing all your Bitcoins when you use an insecure wallet. There are different types of wallets, depending on the function and whether the wallet is online or offline. Today, we will be focusing on the Bitcoin desktop wallet.

Now that you have a basic idea of what a Bitcoin wallet is, let’s jump right into the subject matter.

7 Best Bitcoin Desktop Wallets

Outlined below are the top seven Bitcoin desktop wallets to consider this year.


We can’t talk about the top desktop wallets for Bitcoins without starting with Exodus wallet. This Bitcoin and altcoin wallet was created at the middle of 2015 by creative geniuses JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli.

With support for over 30 cryptocurrencies and tokens, this desktop-only wallet is one of the most user-friendly ones out there.  Not only has it developed the user interface since its first release, the “behind the scenes” also are undergoing a constant development.

A major advantage offered by the Exodus wallet is the absence of KYC to use the knowledge. That’s right, you don’t need any registration. Nevertheless. You’ll have to provide a valid email address to back up your seed.

The supported operating systems are Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.


This is another awesome Bitcoin wallet. Developed and maintained by Decentral Inc., Jaxx is a multi-currency wallet which supports not only Bitcoin but loads of altcoins as well. It offers a PIN feature which protects the seed you store.

Furthermore, it has an inbuilt crypto exchange, which takes the form of ShapeShift.

Jaxx currently supports over 40 coins and tokens, including an inbuilt private key import and export facility in the wallet.

With its simple user interface, Jaxx is ideal for any user. The supported operating system includes Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.


Developed way back in 2011, Electrum is one of the oldest and time-tested Bitcoin wallets in the market. It is an open source project that was released under an MIT license.

An interesting thing about Electrum is its lightweight. What does this mean, you ask? Basically, you don’t have to download the whole Blockchain for sync. In addition to this, it is a self-hosted wallet. This implies that you have control of your PIN and seed.

Electrum is available in mobile and desktop version. Supported operating systems include Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. This wallet is ideal for intermediate and advanced users.


Armory is another open source project like the Electrum. However, it is a heavyweight wallet which requires its users to download the full Blockchain and set up a full node. This comes with a couple of benefits. For example, you’ll be able to self-verify many things on your own, no need for other listening nodes.

In addition to this, Armory Wallet allows you to create cold storage for your Bitcoin. You can also store large sum Bitcoins, thanks to the Multisig wallets via Lockboxes.

Please note that this wallet is recommended for advanced users only. The supported operating systems include Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.


Developed and maintained by BitPay company, Copay is another Bitcoin wallet that has made a name for itself. It is an open source, HD multi-signature wallet with a user-friendly interface.

An innovative feature offered by Copay is its connection with Testnets. This enables its users to try something new and take risks without losing an actual BTC.  

In addition to this, Copay is a Multisig Bitcoin wallet. This implies that you can have as much as 2 of 3 authorizers to signing a Bitcoin transaction.

This wallet is available in mobile and desktop version, and the supported operating systems include Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.

Bitcoin Core

The first thing you should know about Bitcoin core is this; it was created for advanced users. The user interface is not nearly as friendly as some of the wallets we discussed earlier. However, it offers the most functionality.

Some of the great features offered by this wallet include;

  • Mempool settings
  • Replace-by-fees
  • Child pays for a parent

Developed by Bitcoin Core Developers, this desktop wallet is a full node client. As such, users must download the whole Bitcoin Blockchain to make transactions.

Supported operating systems include Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.


First, Coinomi should not have made this list. After all, the desktop wallet was supposed to launch in the third quarter of this year. However, there is a Coinomi mobile wallet which offers some complex features such as;

  • A self-hosted wallet that provides seed and PIN
  • An in-built exchange
  • Custom-fee

It is expected that some of these features will be replicated in the desktop version of the wallet. Furthermore, Coinomi is backed by a good team that’s committed to the continuous improvement of their products.

The Bitcoin desktop wallet is expected to be available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.

On a Final Note

If you have been paying any attention, you would have noticed that all the wallets discussed are self-hosted. This implies that you are solely responsible for your funds while using these wallets. As such, you’ll have your seed and PIN to secure your Bitcoin.

Another similar feature of these wallets is the operating systems. They all support Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. However, there is a dynamic range of complexity. While some wallets such as Jaxx is ideal for any user, only the advanced users can use Armory and Bitcoin Core.

As such, you simply have to pick the desktop Bitcoin wallet that is ideal for you and stick with it. After all, they all fulfill the most important criteria for securing your funds.

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