How to Be a Millionaire in 2018 By Investing in These Cryptocurrencies

Did you invest in Bitcoin at the beginning of 2017? Congratulation if you did. You should have made a small fortune from it. Back in January 2017, Bitcoin was between $750 – $1,150. Now its price is a little above $16,000.

However, if you were not smart enough to invest in Bitcoin then, no worries. Another opportunity is here for you to become a millionaire in 2018 through investment in some set of cryptocurrencies. Relax, I’ll tell you how but before we proceed, you need to acquire two essential things;

  • A minimum investment of between $50 and $100 per Cryptocoin
  • A little sense (You don’t want to dull yourself like you did with Bitcoin).

Now that you have these essential requirements, let’s proceed.

Why These Cryptocurrencies?

These cryptocurrencies are the underdog of the digital currency world. They are the undervalued coins that currently sell for as little as $0.5.  They are the ones you don’t know of and barely heard of. Yet, these cryptocurrencies will make you a millionaire in 2018.

So, to answer your question, we are picking these cryptocurrencies because;

  • They are currently undervalued
  • They have a very high potential for growth
  • They are sold for low prices

The word “undervalued “is as it sounds. The price of the Cryptocoin is not reflecting its true value. For example, there was an initial drop in the price of Electroneum after it launched. While some investors panicked, the veterans knew it was normal. Electroneum would return to its true value.

The potential for growth of a cryptocurrency is affected by different factors which include its future application and the public confidence in the coin. This is what determines the speculative value.

Enough of the preambles, let’s introduce you to the cryptocurrencies.

Eight Cryptocurrencies That’ll Make You a Millionaire in 2018

In no particular order, these are the eight cryptocurrencies that’ll make you a millionaire in 2018.

Cardano (ADA)

Since Cardano started trading last December, its value has risen by almost 600 percent. It’s a Cryptocoin whose blockchain is based on a scientific approach. The team include notable figures such as Professor Aggelos Kiayias and co-founder of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson.

Its current value is $0.427. However, according to Wallet Investor, the price is expected to rise to $3.647 a year from now. Let’s do the math together. When you purchase 234.448 ADA with $100, you’ll get a return of $855 within a year. You can buy it on Binance.


Previously known as Bitquence, Ethos is using its universal wallet to position itself as a social financing platform. You can have multiple wallets, private keys cryptocurrencies in a dashboard.

According to Wallet Investor, a long-term increase in the price of ETHOS is expected. That means if you buy this digital currency for the current price of $3.035, a year from now it is speculated to increase to $6.426. This implies that buying 32.428 ETHOS with $100 will earn you $208 within a year. You can buy it on Binance.

Power Ledger(POWR)

Power Ledger offers a decentralized marketplace to sell energy. Consumers get to trade energy among themselves in a country with deregulated energy market. At the end, you get to enjoy lower energy bill. But you are not interested in that, you are after how much you can make. Let’s get to it.

POWR is a great long-term investment. At a current price of $0.9333, the projected growth puts the value at $6.824 one year from now. Five years from now, it’ll grow to $30.408. Basically, if you invest $100 today, you’ll get 107.234 POWR. A year from now, you’ll have $731.8.


TRON is another awesome long-term investment. In fact, if you are interested in a cryptocurrency with good returns, TRON should make the top of the list.  If you invest your $100 in TRON at the current value of $0.0378, you’ll get 2645.065 TRX. With a projected value of $0.3 a year from now, you’ll have a return of $793.5.


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With Tangle ledger being the key platform behind IOTA, the potential for use is high. The modular ledger can be adapted to manage anything with a chip, from smart cars to Wi-Fi bandwidth.

The current value of IOTA is $4.072 right now. However, it is expected to rise to $10.101 in a year and 33.682 in five years. So, if you buy $100 today, you’ll get 25.369 MIOTA. By this time next year, you’ll have a total of $256.3.


Substratum is an open source network that lets you earn cryptocurrency by renting out your computer as a hosting server. You also have the opportunity of paying the network to do the same. Let’s talk about the money.

Investing in this cryptocurrency for long-term is not a bad idea. The current value is 0.653. However, it is speculated to increase to $4.446 within a year. Consequently, if you invest $100 today to buy 153.109 SUB, a year from now you’ll have $680.72. You can buy it on Binance.


According to, Ripple is a very good investment. At a current price of $1.139, you can purchase 89.299XRP. The coin is speculated to rise to $5 in 2018. You’ll have a total of $446.5. It is available on Cryptopia.


This new British cryptocurrency was designed to dominate the mobile market. Its potential for growth is really unlimited with its usage in mobile gaming and gambling.

The current price is 0.1058 right now. However, it has been projected to rise to as much as $0.45 by 2018. When you use $100 to buy 945.009 ETN, based on the speculated price, you would be going home with $455.2 within a year. You can learn more about electroneum HERE

Adding it All Up

With an initial investment of $100 per cryptocurrency, you’ll get about $4,500 before the end of a year. That’s a return based on the current market trend. As the trend improves, you can make as much as $20,000 by this time 2018.

As I said earlier, all you need is a little sense to make a lot of money. You can be a millionaire in 2018 only if you want to.


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  1. Nice and informative. Please Do these exchanges accept Nigerians for buying coins and how does one cash out


    1. You can convert them to bitcoins back on the exchanges and withdraw sir.


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