How to Make Money from Cryptocurrencies as a Student

A young engineering student caught the cryptocurrency bug when he was added to a Facebook cryptocurrency group back in August 2016. He got hooked within two weeks of joining. The young engineering student soon began to network with other investors, sharing analysis and predictions online.

He started by investing $200 in August 2016, and had amassed $15,000 by December 2017. The young engineering student was on his way towards financial freedom.  

Do you want to make money from cryptocurrencies as a student? Here is the thing, being a student is all about expectations. You are expected to attend classes, study for exams and get a good grade. In return, you receive an allowance. The allowance is just enough to leave you wanting more at the end of every month, enough to keep you alive.

An allowance allows you to be financially dependent. You’ll have no control of your own life because “He who drops the gold makes the rule”.

It’s time for you to take charge by investing. You are about to learn how to start small and make it big from cryptocurrencies as a student. It all begins with your monthly allowance.

Investing in Cryptocurrencies as a Student

An average Nigerian student receives a stipend of ₦20,000 every month. You must figure out a way of putting away half of that every month. If you could get an extra job, do it. Just put away ₦10,000 every month. It’ll be tough at first, but will eventually be worth it.

The next step is to pick a cryptocoin to invest in. No, we are not talking about Bitcoin. You are interested in undervalued cryptocurrencies that are not as expensive as Bitcoin. Yet, have the potential to increase in value ten-fold before the end of the year. Example of cryptocurrencies to consider are;

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Finally, invest ₦30,000 every three months in these cryptocoins. That’s an investment of ₦90,000 every session. Based on the current market trend, you could make as much as ₦400,000 at each academic session.

How to Buy Cryptocurrencies as a student

If you are a noob at investing in cryptocurrencies as a student, read more about ICOs and how to leverage for profit. Remember to do your research well to know how to avoid ICO scams. You don’t want to throw your money away.

Also, to purchase any of the digital currencies outlined above, you’ll need to buy Bitcoins or Ethereum first. Coinbase should help you with that. Then transfer it to an exchange to trade. Consider using Binance or Bittrex.

Wrapping It Up

Here is what will happen if you started investing in cryptocurrencies from your first year in school. Based on the speculative price of these altcoins and the power of compounding interest, you could make as much as ₦10,000,000 by graduation.

Basically, you would be graduating a millionaire. Remember, you must pick the right cryptocurrencies, you must persevere, most importantly ditch the “allowance mentality”.

There is money to be made from cryptocurrencies and college students from all over the world are taking advantage of it. Don’t get left behind, don’t be a fool, OPEN YOUR HEAD.

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